What should I do if my pet is having surgery tomorrow?

  • Fasting – Animals should fast for two hours before you bring them in to us.  This usually means no breakfast! Water during this time is fine.
  • Drop off time – We are open from 8am and drop offs for surgery can be anytime after this on the day of the surgery.  The latest we like to get surgery patients dropped off is 10am.

What do I need to do after my pet’s surgery?

  • Medications – Please carefully read the instructions that you have been given to take home with you.  Often there is a lot of information that is given to you at the time you pick your pet up and sometimes this can be a little confusing.  If you have any questions or concerns, please try to ring during business hours (9757 2163).  If you believe that your concern is of a critical nature, please do not hesitate to phone the emergency after hours number (0447 906 671).  Please remember that this is for emergencies only and we do not have a vet on a roster like at the hospital.
  • Dinner that night – It is usually fine to give a small meal to your pet after surgery, approximately a quarter of what they would normally eat.  If they have had dental treatment, soft food such as Tucker Time recommended.
  • Suture removal – Sutures are removed ten days after the procedure has been performed. This is included as part of the procedure and if the surgery has been completed at The Margaret River Vet Hospital, there is no additional charge for this.In some case dissolvable sutures may have been used by the Vet, so removal is not necessary (if you are unsure, you can either look at the wound site yourself or give the hospital a call during business hours).  After the sutures have been removed, the wound site is still only at 50% strength.  Sutures are removed at this stage to help prevent further infection. Please do not allow your dog to scratch or lick the wound site, or to rub it along the ground.  If the wound site re-opens, further surgery at the owner’s expense will possibly be needed.
  • If you are worried – please call the hospital during business hours.  If you believe that your concern is of a critical nature, please do not hesitate to phone the emergency after hours number (0447 906 671).