“My husband and I moved to Margaret River in December 2007 with our four ‘furkids’ – standard poodles.

Our Boy, ‘Brock’ had a difficult to manage medical condition requiring daily medication and many emergency visits to the vet. We were very concerned that we wouldn’t find the level of care we had found in our specialist vet clinic in Perth. The first few months were a nightmare for us as we ‘shopped around’ many vets in the south west. We couldn’t find a vet that had effectively managed the condition long term and was up to date with latest research or understood the need for us to have a close working relationship with our vet. We needed to be able to pick up that phone and say ‘it’s us…he’s having an episode…’ and have the person on the end of the phone understand time was of the essence!

We were absolutely thrilled the first time we met Michel Doney, new owner and Senior Vet of the Augusta / Margaret River Veternary Hospital in Feb 2008. Not only did she have an amazing knowledge of Brock’s condition she had extensive experience in emergency medicine. The actions Michel suggested in our very first consult gave us a few more years with Brock that we didn’t think we had.

In that initial visit I was so impressed with the level of professionalism balanced so perfectly with genuine care and concern. We felt like we had become part of the ‘family’ and our dogs were the most precious animals to all the staff.

In the time Michel and Wayne have been caring for our furkids they have supported and cared for all of us through some tough times.

We eventually had to make the heart wrenching decision to say goodbye to Brock. I will be eternally grateful to Michel for how Brock said goodbye to this world and the care and respect that was shown by all the staff to both us and Brock. We were supported during the following days as we made the preparations for Brocks cremation. When his ashes were returned to the clinic, Michel and Wayne (with their children) came to our home with afternoon tea and returned Brock to us. It was a beautiful way to say our final goodbyes.

Shortly after this our young dog Scarlett ‘escaped’ and was missing for 10 days. The team at the clinic were so creative in spreading the word of Scarlett’s escape…even featuring her as pet of the week in the local paper! Way beyond any vet service I’ve heard of before!!! When we finally found Scarlett, Michel insisted we take her in for a full check up – no charge!

The emergency service offered by the clinic is outstanding. When our old dog Bonnie was bitten by a snake we had Wayne and a vet nurse at our home within minutes, it was too late for Bonnie but the other dogs were checked and monitored by the vet nurse while Wayne monitored me and my shock ensuring I was ok…with a 14 month old and a new born baby in the house it was a very stressful event that I wouldn’t have been able to manage on my own.

These are just a few examples of my experiences. There are many more and I know many more customers with many more examples of the amazing service these caring people offer to our town.

Not only do they have outstanding customer service they are always updating to the latest equipment and providing an excellent level of care for our pets and educating the community about current issues and the responsibilities of pet ownership.

I have always groomed my dogs myself and ordered their food online as it’s cheaper…but now I support our local vet…I now pay for our dogs to be groomed and buy top quality food. I can see where my money is going and I feel that I am supporting a ‘community service’ that has been lacking in our town rather than supporting a ‘business’.

Congratulation Michel and Wayne  and THANK YOU!”

~ Heath, Jonelle, Anika, Tehya, Ruby and Scarlett Fraser